Today I ate dinner with a dirty diaper in my hand

…some days there just ain’t enough time for simple pleasures. And apparently, even that isn’t enough because Nam pulled a large glass marble out of Mina’s mouth about an hour before I found her about to swallow a rubber band. She has very quick hands, and follows her older brother around, whose purpose in life seems to be breaking things into little pieces and strewing them all around. This is a bad combination.

Speaking of Max, he got in a squabble with a girl at school today and she apparently stuck a finger in his eye, because his upper eyelid is all swollen up. When I took him to brush his teeth, his own reflection in the bathroom mirror set off a long string of sleepy crying and exclamations of pain.

So actually, I was conscious of the soggy diaper in my hand and also that I was eating a plate of cold food (I hate cold “warm/hot” food) as fast as I could, but it didn’t bother me so much because babies were crying all over.


2 thoughts on “Today I ate dinner with a dirty diaper in my hand

  1. Yeah, I hear you and feel your pain. I’m glad I’m not feeling the soggy diaper.

    This is the dangerous time for Toddler/Baby toy mingling. We’ve all heard the bad stories so no need to go there….but just get rid of ANYTHING that she can accidentally swallow or strangle on, like afore mentioned marble, balloons, legos, etc.
    Anything that can fit into their elastic little mouths can cause great harm.

    Sorry Max is getting hurt at preschool. Jungle laws of survival, I guess? Sad.

  2. Does this mean that Mina’s crawling, then? Is that how she follows Max around? Craziness. Pictures, more pictures!

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