Insult to injury

Mina reared back as I was holding her today and smashed the side of her head into my nose so hard I saw stars and involuntarily shed tears for a couple minutes. If I had much of a nose, it might have broken; as it was, it only bled profusely. Mina thought it was funny as hell, then she peed on me through her cloth diaper. Then she cried when I put her down to stop the nose bleed, and finally, she took a huge overflowing dump in her pee-soiled diaper, which I had to clean up after I stopped crying and bleeding.

4 thoughts on “Insult to injury

  1. Horrible, just horrible. It made me cringe to read your words because it reminded me of when you were her age….. how I was shopping and looking at food for you and suddenly your cute little hand shot up, grabbed my right earring and with a mighty yank, tore the earlobe which bled like a mother___. I nearly passed out in the store and had to lean against the shopping cart as you laughed and played with my earring. I’ve never worn pierced earrings since.
    And that’s why I regard all babies with a healthy respect (ready for the head-butt) and stay very focused on the possibility of their spastic, sudden and intuitively dangerous moves . Good thing you don’t wear pierced earrings!

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