Songkran 2010

Although I went to work on Friday, most people here have the whole week off to celebrate Thai New Year – I’m probably the only blogger in Thailand not posting photos of water fights and drunken merriment, but that’s only because I have a two kids who love playing with water every single day, so it’s not that special… And since I’m in no particular hurry to see people get hurt in horrible traffic accidents in the name of water fight shits and giggles,we mostly stay at home. Bah, humbug.
Something exciting did happen last weekend, though. Our booming housing development’s manager called us up to let us know she was having a good masseuse come through, so we asked if he could stop by our place. In short – he’s the best we’ve ever experienced, any place, any price. He’s more of an acupressure specialist than a masseuse, but he works magic. He has one of the few claims to fame as a masseuse that means something in my mind – he was recognized for his skills by Thaksin (regardless of what you think of the man or the politician, it’s pretty much given that Mr. T could hire any masseuse in the world so the fact that he chose this guy means something). This guy, seriously, is at least the very best in this province, and we’ve been to the majority of them here, including three different blind parlors/schools (I was convinced for the longest time that blind masseuses weer the best). He diagnosed some preexisting conditions that Nam, Max, and I had just by touching our arms, and he had a very unique style, using arms as localizers and working mostly on the legs. He mostly used his elbows. His massage did not really hurt at all, except when working on high tension points, but the final effect was complete and total relaxation and an enervating high. We are keen on trying it again, if for no other reason than to make sure he really is as good as we think he is.
Trying to put two little kids to sleep is like playing whack-a-mole, except that you can’t whack them. It’s amazing how they can set each other off crying so you end up with a symphony of tears that makes you want to tear your ears off.

2 thoughts on “Songkran 2010

  1. “…so you end up with a symphony of tears that makes you want to tear your ears off.”
    And dad wonders why I’m not as nostalgic about wailing babies as he is….he’s completely tone-deaf to screaming, crying babies, barking, whining dogs, static-fuzzy radio channels and to me.

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