Around Mahasarakham: The Cowboy Barber

Today Max turned two and when he fell asleep in the car, we took him to a barber on Srisawat Road famous for dressing like a cowboy (and cutting with shears instead of clippers). Nam held Max on her shoulder as cowboy barber man snipped away. Meanwhile, I was busy inspecting his shop, an older two story townhouse decorated with photos of him posing with other cowboy enthusiThais, Marlboro man swag like ashtrays and posters, a decommissioned muzzleloader, and a photo of Tom Selleck in cowboy attire!
This last detail ensures that daddy will also be going back for a cut there sometime, with camera.

2 thoughts on “Around Mahasarakham: The Cowboy Barber

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Maxie! My how time just zooms by. My wish for you is to come here so you can enjoy a really big American-style family birthday party with a cowboy, pony and Knott’s Berry Farm chicken dinner with ice cream and cake! Let’s see what the Birthday Fairy has in store for you!

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