The World Housing Market – 50,000,000 Yen Edition

Here is an amusing photo series depicting the kind of houses you can buy around the world for fifty million yen (which is a whopping 547,106 USD at today’s rate – endaka is such a fickle bitch!): 5000???????????
The locations represented, in order, are:

  • Thai
  • Bali
  • Chicago
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Tokyo

The problem, of course, is that land value skews the representations far too much. For instance, if you paid half a mil for the Thai house in anywhere but a few select locations, you paid 3 or 4 times more than you should have. Also, Brazil and Indonesia sure have similar architecture and beaches… Still, it’s a pretty funny idea until you over-analyze it!
That is all.

3 thoughts on “The World Housing Market – 50,000,000 Yen Edition

  1. J– I dig those Thai-style roofs. Are they terra cotta tile in the center like in Southern California or wood shingles?

  2. Why 2 same pics are used in Brasil and Bali?
    I have seen a 5 story building sold for 50,000,000Yen in Nanba Osaka a few years ago.

  3. At the high end of the market, both baked clay and hardwood shingles are available. This style looks like hardwood to me, which is very expensive because it has to be treated or replaced every so often; the sun beating down on them every day is just too strong . Most roofing tiles in Thailand are made of concrete and sometimes textured/painted to simulate natural colors/materials, although the overwhelming trend is toward bright colors like blue or wavy stripes (!). This is because until fairly recently, most houses were roofed with cheap wood/steel/fiberglass/concrete materials and roofing tiles themselves are a status symbol indicative of a recently-built house.

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