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“Want a job you can really relish? Do you have an appetite for adventure, a friendly personality and boundless enthusiasm? Do you want to become a goodwill ambassador for Oscar Mayer, helping to organize promotions and even pitch TV, radio and print media? If the answer is “Yes”, you could qualify to be an official Oscar Mayer Hotdogger. Read on for all the juicy details.
…..As an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger, you’ll gain lots of experience that may come in handy for your future career. You’ll be trained to work with professionals in the fields of consumer promotion, marketing and sales; help organize and execute events; and even help pitch TV, radio and print media. And last, but not least, you’ll learn how to operate and maintain the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile”.

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How cold is it in Thailand?

Well, up here in Mahasarakham (educational pearl of the northeast) it dropped to 13.5 degrees C last night (56.3 degrees F).
As long as we’re talking units I might as well drop a couple good links here:

Last week it got about this cold so we put Max in between us at night. For the first time since I was a kid, I had a bed peeing dream; you know the kind where you see the toilet very clearly right in front of you and it feels so relieving when the pee starts flowing in beautiful rivulets into the bowl… I woke up very suddenly in the middle of the night, slightly damp and convinced I’d peed myself. Of course, Max woke up to tell me how funny it was that he’d peed all over me and the bed. Don’t ask me how he bypassed his extra large sleepy-time diaper; the kid’s a damn prodigy or something.

What makes a good teacher?

This question has been bothering me since I started teaching a couple years ago. In my head I have a pretty good idea what makes a good teacher, and I can sit in on a class and immediately tell whether a teacher is effective or not, but it’s still difficult to form an answer with which I’m completely satisfied.
It was interesting to see Malcolm Gladwell’s take on this in the New Yorker: Most Likely to Succeed

Shamoji Wing Chun

The orange spoon (sometimes used as shamoji, so the title is accurate, besides, “two shamoji, one spoon” sounds kinda like an unforgettable internet meme if you know what I mean) is the absolute killer of the bunch. He can throw it real hard, too.