Recent Baby Updates

After I returned home from my uni’s “International Camp” last Thursday I was surprised to find the boy hadn’t waited for me to pass some milestones:

  • His first tooth came out (lower left incisor). I found this out when he grabbed my finger and bit down on it. Hard.
  • He now fits into the white baby Nikes (pictured above) cousin Kana gave me in Japan almost ten years ago as a birthday present (Her simple explanation: “You and Nam should make a baby.”). Somebody in Nara please pass this factoid on to Kana.
  • He can now laugh properly but prefers to do this wheezing, gacking chuckle kinda thing that’s both disturbing and hilarious. He can carry on with this sound for several seconds and it somewhat resembles a baby pterodactyl call.
  • He now holds out both hands when he wants me to pull him to his feet and stiffens his neck in anticipation.
  • He has almost grown out of size S Mammypoko diapers (he previously wore size Newborn and will be moving up to size M soon).
  • I saved the most important milestone for last (I wasn’t even aware this was humanly possible): He can fart, belch, and cough at the same time, with the hiccups!

$800 Pimpmobile for G-man

Cuz it’s all about O-REGON, yo:

“1989 Cadillac Sedan Deville Pimp mobile for sale. Perfect for the up and coming pimp who isn’t quite ready to step up into an Ex-calade. This fine example of Motor vehicle pimpery comes stock with no hubcaps, because as you know any real baller is just gonna drop dubs on it anyway. The stereo isn’t working, but then again, a real mac like you is going to drop some change to make this bitch rumble. The trunk is extra large in case you have a ho who steps out of line, you can put her in there. A good feature because if you spend enough time with hos, eventually you’re going to have to lock a bitch up. in case of drive-bys where you need to light up some suckers that have been perpetrating this car has a special window that comes off its tracks so you don’t have to wait for it to slide down. Just roll up on that fool, drop the window, and blast him with that burner.”

Via Craigslist@Bend

Alternate Ending: Little Shop of Horrors

One last link in between packing and waiting for baby Max to wake up for his midnight feed: Lost “Horrors” Ending Found on YouTube

Ten years ago, “Little Shop of Horrors” was available on a DVD including the toothier alternate ending — for exactly five days. But Warner Brothers failed to secure the proper copyrights for the alternate ending — and the DVD was recalled. For the next decade, producer David Geffen and Warner Brothers wrangled and promised to restore the original ending, until Warner Brothers finally discovered in 2007 that it had already been burned in a studio fire.
But while Hollywood argued, the coveted footage quietly slipped onto YouTube.

It sounds awesome… Alas, I have no time to watch it until I get back.

Volunteering in Kalasin

Last week a few of us teachers were asked to visit some classes being taught on a volunteer basis by our Business English major students out in Kalasin. We went out without much info and assumed these were classes being taught at a school. As it turned out, one of our student’s family had created an ad hoc classroom outside their house and was hosting free lessons for two weeks since schools are mostly on holiday during October. Children from their village as well as neighboring villages attended, with younger kids coming in the morning and older ones in the afternoon, perhaps 30 kids per session.
The classes were being taught by a few of our students who stayed at the house for the duration of the project.
We went and basically had a lot of fun thinking up activities on the spot… I sweat a lot as it was a really hot day, so I can honestly say that I contributed a lot of salt to my polo shirt.
Our student’s house/farm has a shrimp pond out back, so our reward for lunch was huge platters of steamed prawns, raw prawns with garlic, and epic tom yum goong with shrimp the size of mini-lobsters in it.
We also helped out with the afternoon class and took a quick trip to a popular “beach” up the road just a couple kilos, at the Lampao Dam reservoir.
All in all it was a great day, and the dedication of our students really impressed us. When asked why they were doing it, they said they didn’t want to just waste their holidays away. Well done!