Maxie’s Hospital Stay Day 2

There’s something hugely wrong about sleeping on a hospital sofa. The body rejects it, the mind rejects it.
The catheter in Max’s arm had to be replaced this morning (to his other arm, actually) because it partly worked it’s way out last night and we had it removed to facilitate ease of motion. He cried a lot less than he did yesterday, because he was still very sleepy. I had to hold him down today, though, and it wasn’t fun. In the end, though, it was all good and he was smiling again five minutes later.
Uh oh it’s time to give him the inhalants via oxygen mask…
UPDATE: OK,he complained a lot but didn’t throw a tantrum like yesterday.
The hardest part about today is going to be when I go home to make some finals for next week. It’s too quiet without the baby.

1 thought on “Maxie’s Hospital Stay Day 2

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