Day 2 Update

Max’s lungs are apparently sounding much better. The blood tests point to a bacterial, rather than viral, infection. This is good news because it means all the antibiotics going into him weren’t just to piss him off (he caught me on the jaw with not one, not two, but three Tiger Uppercuts with his cathetered and bandaged hand when I held the oxygen mask over his face this afternoon).
He is here for a three day course of meds and observation, which seems to be a WHO standard adopted in Thailand.
He is sleeping now and I’m writing my exams outside on a large balcony at the end of the hall.
At around noon, a physical therapist came around with a gaggle of nurses and performed a series of percussive strokes with a cupped hand to Maxie’s back, and then to his chest. This loosened up some phlegm and fluids, so the gaggle of nurses and Nam pinned Max down and the therapist performed suction with a small tube to his mouth and nose. It was hard to watch him choking and sobbing, but the results were immediate and effective. He slept, well, like a baby for a long time after this session. Actually, we’re waiting for them to come around for another one right now.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Update

  1. Great. Hang in there. It’s traumatic for baby (and hard for parents to witness) but he’s recovering nicely. You can hold or soothingly rub the calming points (forehead between eyebrow, and inside upper rim of ears, Spock ears) after holding the fear/anxiety point (around inside ankle) to clear pent up emotions….love to you all!

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