The Wiggly Baby Song

Wiggly wiggly baby
Wiggly wiggly baby
Wiggly? Wiggly! Wiggleh? Wiggleh!
Wiggly wiggly baby!

repeat x 49,000
– lyrics by J. Yoshida
This used to be his favorite song, but he’s since moved onto Bach fugues and Asian Jungle Punk. I’ve been polishing up my songwriting skillz, though.

3 thoughts on “The Wiggly Baby Song

  1. He looks very calm. How sweet! Yes, the repetitive brainless baby song….welcome to mushbrain poetry 101, part of your new daddy skills. What tune do you hum this song to?

  2. > What tune do you hum this song to?
    it’s a unique tune.
    > why is his onesie so long? is he really small?
    no, he’s not really small anymore (up to 3.6 kilos now; born at 2.5). this photo just makes it look long for some reason. also, it’s being pulled down by his diaper if you look closely.

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