This baby is good luck.

Today the baby was born and I got a small tax return from the Japanese government that I was waiting for for two years. What are the odds?
Plus, this amazing phantom wifi access point kind of fades in whenever I really NEED a connection, but is invisible the rest of the time.
Let’s see… born on 6/18 at 18:06 (UPDATE: Today is of course 4/18, not 6/18. Hey, give me a break – there was a lot happening. Maybe not to me directly, but there was a lot happening.). There’s definitely some lucky lotto number action happening there, or something.
We got into a VIP suite of sorts here at the hospital because of Nam’s nurse friends. I’m in a decently sized air-conditioned room with a sofa, fridge, shower room, and TV, and Nam is sleeping with the baby in the adjoining room. Nam’s little sister is keeping watch on the sofa in there. Their room is a lot warmer than in here because the baby needs to be acclimatized to the temperature outside mommy’s womb a little at a time. He likes sucking on his fingers, since Nam has been told to hold off nursing him until the doctor can give her a thorough check up tomorrow. Ah, hell, who am I kidding? He would like to suck on his fingers anyway… Or I would, at least (on mine, not his).
Baby and mommy (kinda goofy from double morphine spinal block):
Already drinking shots:
Hates wearing socks, just like his dad:

10 thoughts on “This baby is good luck.

  1. Your son is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad that you all are ok and that it was a relatively unremarkable delivery. Props for putting up with the weird cultural norms, it must be strange seeing your baby sip formula from a shot glass!

  2. J and N, Ah——! Thank you for the great news. Haaaaahahaha—.Hyahahahaoooooooh boy. ooooh.Waaaaahahaha. Happy birth day, baby! Nam, you are great!??????????????

  3. It’s good all of you are well-cared for and happy. I hope Nam can stay a bit longer there to rest and recover with family and friends at her side. You must be elated!
    Don’t let any of your religious relatives ruin the day by telling you that it’s oyasama’s birthday or some such nonsense. And yes, what a lucky little boy!

  4. How does Nam manage to look so cute, post-Caesar? And your son came out remarkably un-squishy looking, thanks to the easy birth for him, too. Congrats! I look forward to a deluge of baby-related posts.

  5. Congratulations! We are so happy for you and Nam. The baby looks so cute. Did he get a hair cut before he came out? Please tell Nam that we said “Hi” and also post more baby pictures.

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