Good Morning, Morning Glory

The phantom wireless signal never returned after I lost it last night before knocking out, so I’m taking time between washing new cloth diapers at home to post these.
BTW, the baby has expressed extreme distaste for automatic transmissions AND front wheel drive – what a little purist!. Lucky for him I have the Crown..
UPDATE: I just realized that last sentence might be a bit misleading – Nam and the baby are staying in the hospital for at least a few more days. I’m at home doing chores while Nam’s little sis helps watch the baby. Nam seems to be healing nicely since the operation yesterday. She was able to get up and walk a little today after they took out the IV and catheter.
Baby is not nursing yet. I can make him stop crying on command – “Hey Poopy Pants! Stop crying!!” Just kidding, he stops because he loves me. Fear shouldn’t be necessary until he starts playing with electrical outlets and stuff.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Morning Glory

  1. Oh boy, do I see a little of you in his baby face? Yes indeed. Wow.
    Wish we could be there to listen to his baby noises. But then we’d also be smelling the baby poop odors, too. Ahhhh, parenthood! I’ll run out and buy a baby drum set for him as well as a tool set so he can copy baby Justin and begin to take the clocks, thermostat, and TV apart. Revenge is a wonderful thing!

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