Dub Thee Max

I have officially decided that his western (and therefore, most important) name is Max. Nam has yet to decide on a Thai name. It would be funny to change it at this point because we tried it out for a couple days and some of our visitors overheard us – next thing you know, people are calling up and congratulating us on “Max.” Besides, it just fits him.
Next question: To -imilian or not to -imilian. Simple “Max,” or go for a bit of flair with “Maximilian?” Come to think of it, emulating the first google hit for that name might be fairly classy: His Imperial Majesty Maximilian I, Emperor of Maha Sarakham and Protector of the Northeast. I think it’s got a nice ring to it.
What to do?
Max or Maximilian?
Either way, I’m calling him Max, or Maxie until he stops breastfeeding, at least. There’s an argument to be made that the -imilian is a useless appendage. On the other hand, I sometimes think it would be nice to have a tail even if I didn’t really use it, so I’d like to hear some opinions here.
What say ye?

7 thoughts on “Dub Thee Max

  1. I say Maxx. Are you going to stick with the regal theme from now on? I think the next one should be Rexx.

  2. i vote for Max over Maximilian. Maximilian will be annoying to write on his school papers/ legal documents and most people will shorten it to Max anyway.

  3. I wisely keep to my own counsel. Names are important and I know you’re intuiting things out for baby’s best interest. Thank you for not doing a “Junior” thing. It’s so boring.

  4. How about Maxim? That’s the middle name my sister gave to her son and I think it sounds really nice. Whatever you do, your son will tell you later on that you made the wrong choice anyway, you can’t win. :))

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