Baby has a fever

They are going to put him in observation for a day because the light fever he had last night went up instead of down. He started nursing properly yesterday but milk output isn’t ideal yet. That should come along fine, though. We’re pretty sure everything is gonna be OK, and know your thoughts are with us.

8 thoughts on “Baby has a fever

  1. Congratulations!!! What wonderful news. Our very best wishes to you and Nam and baby Yoshida. He is sooooo cute.
    C’mon J you can handle a little meconium…it’s just poo.
    Cloth diapers.. how environmentally sensitive… cool.
    I hope Nam has a fast recovery, keep her comfortable and stress free so her milk will come in sooner. I remember my first time, not easy.
    We’ll be checking the blog for updates.
    Enjoy being a papa. :>

  2. Baby fever is not unusual with all the hubbub happening in his internal and external world. What a huge change from a warm water world and into diapers, noise, light, and lots more stimuli. Check the website for EFT info on helping baby with all sorts of problems. It works. Nam looks very motherly and the baby look sweet.

  3. ????????????????????????????

  4. Congratulations Justin !!!
    What a beautiful baby !!! I am very happy for Nam and you.
    My Lisa had fever for two days after she was born, then she was ok, it happens often.
    So don’ t worry too much.
    Send me your address !
    Grosses Bises,

  5. Congratulations!?

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