We took a trip to Khon Kaen today to hit HomePro (the local mega home center) for various items and made a stop by our favorite mall, Fairy Plaza, on the way back for some double cheeseburger eats, and for Nam to buy some foundation. The girls at the counter insisted on doing Nam’s make up since she’s a card-carrying Kanebo loyalist. It was amazing; just like a car being painted. They stripped off the existing layers of pigment, laid down a solid primer coat followed by 2 main coats and sealant – it was even metallic pearl, yo.
As I sat and watched, I wondered how to say, “Stop painting on my pregnant wife! Only cheap harlots paint their faces with ground fish scales!”, in Thai, but I guess that level of nuance is still a few years off.

1 thought on “kanebo

  1. Very good analogy, car painting to face painting. The shiny fish scale foundations and powders are disconcerting to me. I can’t just listen to your sisters because the kira-kira sparkle makes me look carefully at their skin and I forget what they’re saying.
    Oh, and Merry non-crazy American-style Christmas to all of you!
    I want to send you food and presents, but would love your presence here with us even more!

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