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We are flat out at the moment. The week has been very, very busy as we rush to move into the new (98% complete) house during the four day vacation I have from tomorrow. I spent Christmas day waiting for delivery trucks. When they came three hours late, they didn’t have everything they were supposed to have so we had to wait for trucks the next day, too. So pretty much, I hated Christmas again, but in a different way this year.
My experiment living and raising a family overseas is off to a great start. When I can finally stop sinking money into curtains, screen doors, appliances, fixtures, repairs, tweaks, and all the trim needed by this new house, I am going to buy myself a water buffalo. Just for the hell of it. It can feed and water itself around my house, and I shall finally l have my Herd of Buffalo (although Herd of Cow sounds much cooler).
Although I will barely notice it coming and going, I wish you all a very happy new year.

2 thoughts on “hello world

  1. Hurray! We wondered why you were gone for so long and suspected it was due to the house and work….congrats on getting so much accomplished during the Christmas break, and next year, let’s rock!

  2. Congrats and have a good year end!
    I am getting out of Daisakkai this year and the next year will be my glorius year. That what Kazuko Hosoki says on TV by the way. Hoping the world will be free from all the troubles in the year of 2008 and may all happy water buffaloos talk paasaa Thai and may president Taksin does his best to give me a chance to see you guys in Thailande.

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