Happy Thanksgiving!

… words heard from not a single student today.
Surprise, surprise.
I think I’ve actually seen a real live turkey here in Mahasarakham, up in the forest near the fish sanctuary, but I’m too lazy to be bothered with the killin’ and pluckin’ and dressin’ and stuffin’ and roastin’ – Thanksgiving to me is more of a “Thanksgetting.” Getting stuffed and drowsy off the tryptophan (I choose to believe in the sleepy turkey effect. Even if it’s a placebo, it still makes me feel nice, you haters.) kicks ass. Candied yams and gravy kick ass. Even cranberry sauce tends to kick some ass, in moderation. Maybe what I miss most, though, is pumpkin pie. I swear I haven’t had a decent slice of pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream for five or six years. “So,” you ask, “how does one cope with the lack of proper pilgrim food on Turkey Day?”
If living in Japan for twelve years taught me anything, it was coping skills.
If living in Japan for twelve years taught me anything, it was three letters: K F C
That’s right, Nam and I just came back from the only place in town to get mashed potatoes, cheesy fries, and New! Bite-sized! Spicy! Fish Bits.

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