Songs in the key of fetus

Somebody at work gave Nam a Mozart for Babies type CD (perhaps this freely downloadable one) – and I cannot state this lovingly enough – but it’s driving me fucking insane. It’s basically Mozart on Valium, and I didn’t exactly start out a Mozart fan anyways. Nam plays it on the Pioneer system I have next to the bed every night, and it’s so babyishly cute I want to pour baby powder in my eyes and watch Happy Tree Friends reruns all night.
On the flip side, though, maybe the baby will be a genius, so I guess it’s worth a try.
Still, maybe I can convince her to switch to the String Quartet’s Tribute to Led Zeppelin tomorrow night.
Of course, the best fetus song of all time is Yellow Ledbetter.
And I’m immensely happy that we’ll soon be able to experiment on the efficacy of the infamous Takemoto Piano ad (the second video in that post).

2 thoughts on “Songs in the key of fetus

  1. Auditory learning begins early in the fetus’ life as it grows in the rich embryonic fluids that carry sounds and feelings to it and through. There’s been a lot more studies that indicate that “The Mozart Effect” does provide babies with a lot more positive brain development. See:
    and much more. But your voice and Nam’s voice, singing traditional lullabies. (none of that “down comes the cradle, baby and all” stuff, because words are important, as are later visual cues) or children’s songs, reading to each other in a sweet manner, talking about uplifting, hopeful thoughts, are even more important. Those Dr. Seuss rhymes which are cadenced, also seem quite stimulating to the fetus’ brain for “Super-Learning” abilities. Most of all, it’s fun, happy, peaceful and pleasurable. You can also read up on the effects of other types of music, tones, vibrations, and more. Cool.

  2. Perhaps you should invest in a set of those belly head phones so she can strap the headphones directly to her belly and pipe the music directly to the person who should be listening to it?
    Just a suggestion!

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