A Hyperlinky Ode to a Damn Fine Fish – Soft Tilapia Pr0n

Oh, Tilapia, how versatile thy be!
You are on my plate nearly every week, and my favorite New Years repast.

In fact, you are farmed in such numbers, so misused for pest/plant control, and just so damn tough that you threaten every natural environment you visit.
Some even call you the farmed fish of biblical fame.
Now they can make your skin into leather.
… And can hence be used for bust control.
Link to the online retailer of tilapia skin products mentioned in the latter Reuters article linked above: angie&penny
I finally found the video most of the graphics used above were pulled from (the others are mine or from Google Images):

1 thought on “A Hyperlinky Ode to a Damn Fine Fish – Soft Tilapia Pr0n

  1. Fishkini might be great for your sisters, right? Maybe in all your spare time, you can catch some and begin the home-made-gifts project. I wonder why they didn’t how a guy in a man-fishkini?

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