Cheating Problems with Thai Students

This week is the final week for both my regular and weekend classes; the last final for my last class is tomorrow and I just threw a pretty good one together.
I will make a rather blanket statement here and say that Thai students are pretty bad cheaters. Not only is cheating rampant, it’s so rampant that I suspect it must be ignored or even allowed by some of their other teachers*, hence the students are quite bad at it.
I was a pretty good cheater when I went to school(which is not to say I cheated a lot, just that I never got caught – except once when my dad busted me with a “borrowed copy” of a Teacher’s Book for pre-calc in high school), so I know what I’m talking about. And (hold on, let me get on my high horse here) since I’m here to give these kids a well-rounded education, I basically throw down the gauntlet by telling them: I don’t care if you cheat. Cheat all you want. But don’t get caught. It will end badly for you.
To date, I’ve caught two.
They’ve never been seen or heard from again (I sent them to the cornfield, yo).
*Not only do I suspect it; a teacher was apparently found to have helped a large number of students cheat last term… and wasn’t fired.

2 thoughts on “Cheating Problems with Thai Students

  1. dude, those are perfect civil servants or future politicos, right? Ask Mer about cheating med students who get away with it, and the administrators who know all about it and yet, cheaters do prosper.

  2. If you recall, we were told in one of our Tenri University classes that cheating was the norm for the Chinese and seemed to be accepted. Same same, but different?

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