Ant Infestation

They appear with no warning
When they sense the rain coming (and they are never wrong about it), ants can move an entire colony inside the house overnight, as happened here. I sat down to type out some morning emails, and a thousand little dots erupted from under the keyboard, spreading out in all directions. I flipped it over to find this – it was pretty much one of the creepiest things to wake up to, ever. Previous infestations have sprung up in laundry pilers on the floor and in my inkjet printer – I was printing out sheets with little black ants embedded in the paper for weeks after that (it was actually a cute stationery effect, although no one actually asked me where I bought the paper).

1 thought on “Ant Infestation

  1. We had an ant infestation in the last place we lived in. Horrible, and of course just before Yannick was born, so it was tough for me to get down and hunt them out. They decided that they wanted to live in my flower pots. I had to throw those out in the end because I couldn’t get the ants out. I tried traps which helped somewhat, but not entirely.
    In the end the moving season was over and the ants disappeared.
    In our new house I found ants in both front and back garden, but now I regularly pour boiling water over the areas where they are which is quite effective it seems in keeping their numbers down – but also kills the grass, so that I have to reseed every now and then.

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