Social Insurance Operation Center (Japan)

This is a heads up to anybody trying to get in touch with the ?????????? (Social Insurance Operation Center) from overseas. The old telephone number listed on all of their official forms 03-3334-3131 or 0333343131 (dialed from overseas as 81-3-3334-3131 or 81333343131) is no longer in service and you may or may not hear a recorded NTT message that says their new number is 057-007-1165 or 0570071165. However, upon dialing this new number you will receive another recorded message stating that “this number is not reachable from overseas.” If you are like me, you will get a shrinking feeling in your stomach…
Then you will use your 1337 search skillz and perhaps find the needle in a haystack on a procurement document for toner cartridges: 03-5344-1100 (from overseas dial 81-3-5344-1100)
They will ask for an extension; tell them you’re a foreigner and love sushi and geisha, and everything will work out.
You’re welcome.

10 thoughts on “Social Insurance Operation Center (Japan)

  1. Hi mate!
    I just got my Japanese name. I think you’re the best person to share it with.
    This is so cool. I can’t stop laughing. I’ll have my business card printed with it.
    Every girls are curious to know why such a name hehehe.
    Well, there must be a reason!

  2. HAHAHA – it’s usually backwards, man! You sit at a table with a group of Japanese and listen to the western names they have been given/given themselves. I kid you not, I knew more Japanese “Jacks” than any other nationality…
    Just tell the girls it’s easier to show them than tell them.

  3. eu preciso que o Shakai Hoken me mande um email autorizando que eu faca o resgate do dinheiro que tenho para receber,por que me mudei e nao recebi a carta que deveria receber.Por favor me envie um email autorizando que eu faca o resgate do dinheiro.
    Shakai Hoken no e-mail onegaishimasu Watashi machi kawata,djiucho kawarimashita,sono e-mail wa Eric Yutaka Ishii Ginko ni Shakai Hoken no request no orosu toki tegami o hoshi,sono tegami motenai,30 nichi no tsugi sono okane modorimasu.
    Ginko ga eletonic mail hoshi sore o negaishimasu,

  4. Please give me the correct address for
    Social Insurane Operation Center in Tokyo.
    The one that’s on the form I have i illegible.
    Thank You, Brenda Wiggins

  5. That being said, I found this online:
    Tokyo Social Insurance Bureau, 2-12-1
    Okubo Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8012
    TEL 03?5155?1700 (switchboard)
    So Brenda, does this mean you owe me one? ;)?????

  6. hai,boku wa burajiru modorimashita node,kousei nenkin no shorui kakimashita,7 gatsu ni okurimashita,demo mada renraku kiteinai kara,tegami mo kiteinai,e-mail ni renraku kudasai,onegaishimasu
    eu retornei ao brasil,e conforme ao kousei nenkin,preenchi o formulario e enviei a voces e ate agora nao obtive resposta,me envie um e-mail para saber da atual situação,obrigado

  7. Preenchi todo formulário no Brasil e enviei já faz 4 anos e nunca recebi nada….nem o motivo com uma resposta, lamentável.

  8. I just want to ask in your good office if you are receiving my application for social insurance mailed last September 8, 2015. do you have an email address?

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