On the Road 2007 (Part 4) – Overloaded

After visiting Koh Chang, we took the ferry back to the mainland. Our car had travelled a thousand kilometers over hills and beaches and muddy back roads, and showed every bit of it:

wash me
In Chantaburi, I spotted the coolest lamp posts I’ve ever seen:

I want these in front of my house.
…and also some entertaining signage:

“The school at work place”
I thought this sign at a highway rest stop was pretty funny (but Nam called me a dumbass):

– O V E R L O A D E D –
The highways on the road home were filled with trucks carrying fruit up north to sell. This of course resulted in fruits of all types being spilled all over the road in places; accident spots were marked with smashed durian and dragonfruit. I was careful to keep a safe distance away from trucks in front as well as in back since it might suck to run over a durian at 140kph as much as to be rear ended by a 2-ton pickup carrying a ton of fresh mangosteen.



who knows?

I just like the balance of this shot.

The same trucks as above, but check out the tailgate of the red one!

Perhaps the most ridiculously overloaded truck we saw the whole trip.
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