8 thoughts on “What is this tree?”

  1. Just like a grove of sakura beginning to bud, the love between you and Nam will soon be in full bloom.
    Dude, you’re so gay.

  2. Okay, I’ll play this game of guessing what tree it is with very few good clues.
    Maybe it’s the rare Lagerstoemia Floribunda, native to the Sarabundi Province of Central Thailand. This crepe myrtle has large, exquisite pink blossoms. Wish I could see the leaves. Also,
    it might be the Queen’s Crepe Myrtle, Lagerstroemia Reginae, also a showy pink tree.
    As Adam stated, we require photos of blossom, leaves, trunks, (thorns on it? Then it might be an Orchid Tree or Silk Floss Tree) and appx. height.
    But hey, your new black shiny car looks sweet!
    Beware the sticky residue of those blossoms!


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