Grassy Knoll vs. Bigfoot vs. Salamander Letter

Hardcore conspiracy theorists, cryptozoologists, and nutty religious people are much alike in one respect: Their very existence often revolves around that in which they need to believe.
Of the three, however, conspiracy theorists are often the most fun to have a conversation with over a few beers. This has been my experience over the years, anyway.

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  1. Now you’re just being cute, but I’d be happy to have a few beers with you. You might discover that open-minded critical thinkers don’t always fit neatly into the pigeonholes of your generalizations.
    There are none so foolish as the certain.

    My words be damned, consider these:
    “From the day we went to school we learned nothing; on the contrary, we were made obtuse, we were wrapped in a fog of words and abstractions.”
    Henry Miller
    “I’ve always said that there’s nothing an atheist can’t do if he’s really unsure whether he believes anything or not.”
    Graham Chapman
    “What kills life, is the absence of mystery.”
    Anais Nin
    “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

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