TF-DVD7100 Region Free hack

The TF-DVD7100 (or TFDVD7100) was marketed under different brands in different countries, including the PRISM and COBY brands. Depending on the firmware, the following region hack can be performed by either remote or from the main unit’s controls.

  1. Press SETUP button
  2. Press FF button
  3. Press FR button
  4. Press NEXT CHAPTER button
  5. Press PREVIOUS CHAPTER button (a “Language Setting” or similarly labeled code will appear near the top of the screen.)
  6. Press the RIGHT ARROW button until code changes to 255
  7. Press ENTER button
  8. Press SETUP button to finish

Posted here for posterity.

1 thought on “TF-DVD7100 Region Free hack

  1. As an FYI, there’s a handful of movies out there that won’t play on ‘region free’ players. A brief Google search didn’t turn anything up, but I remember reading it a couple years ago.

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