Staircase Method

I just finished grading for the first semester of classes – whew! It was hard work, much more work than a sweaty gaijin should have to do in 38 degree (C) weather.
Anyway, many of my colleagues aren’t finished, so I told them about the “staircase method” of grading that I read about somewhere on the in-tar-webs. This consists of standing at the top of a staircase and throwing a stack of ungraded tests (or papers) down the stairs. The tests on the highest steps get A’s, the next highest get B’s, and so forth… My Thai colleagues really got off on this idea, maybe even a bit too much…
I must say that I never expected to become a teacher, much less at a university. But here I am. It’s been fun so far.

1 thought on “Staircase Method

  1. Great work, J. Do you think teaching in the US would be 1/2 as fun?…
    especially if you had students like yourself? I’d love to see that!

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