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The overnight bus departs from Sarakham at 9:15 and arrives at Bangkok sometime after three in the morning. We took the “VIP” bus which costs another forty or fifty baht, yet is great value for the money since you get a hot meal, a bottle of water, and comfortable seating.
We stayed at Nam’s aunt’s house in Lad Prao and set out the next morning in search of a used car. Surprisingly, this was fun. I shocked a couple of dealers by showing them evidence of past accidents on their cars, so I guess the average Thai buyer is about as knowledgeable as the average American buyer. There was a lot less smooth talk than I expected, though. Of all the dealers we talked to, only one followed up with a phone call the next day. Altogether, there was little pressure to immediately commit to anything, which made for a nice experience. What made it even nicer was the car I decided on:

Love at first sight
That’s a Nissan Cefiro with a 3-liter V6 engine (which is important, since almost all of those imported into Thailand only have a 2-liter engine. Too wimpy.). As of writing this, there are only two others for sale in the whole country that I can find, and only one in black (I don’t care that it shows dirt and I don’t care that it absorbs heat, I like black cars). It’s slightly modified with aero kit and alloy seventeens, and it looks absolutely stunning in person. The sound system is crap, which is just how I wanted it since I like doing that part myself. I can’t believe I have to wait another two weeks to drive it!
Now all I need to do is bring it out here to the rice fields and build a car port for it.

7 thoughts on “my new car

  1. You’re going to have the most pimped out ride in Mahasarakam! I’ll send you a big racing decal and brushed aluminum spoiler right away.
    You’re also going to need a carbon-fiber hood, hydraulics, a huge muffler, a skirt kit, racing seats, a Momo steering wheel, and a Mugen power sticker. Just to be safe, remember to lower it at least 6 inches!

  2. You know what they say – send the stickers first! They make me go faster…
    Dee: We had to wait for financing approval (already complete) and some scratches needed to be fixed. The car is ready to go this week, but we won’t have a chance to go pick it up until the 17th (we live 6 hours away in Isan).

  3. zoom zoom, baby! Congrats on your stunning new ride, which looks so clean! Now, all you need is one of our lovely black (maybe killer?) and white shih tzu puppies as an adorable accessory! Or maybe bad black kitty, Yoda-the-one-eye, can come out to sit on your new car’s hood and make it all cat-friendly!
    Have fun and don’t run over any elephants!

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