I think I may have found another absolute favorite video clip of all time:

And it’s been up at YouTube since May of last year! How could I have missed until now?

5 thoughts on “Supa

  1. I didn’t have my headphones with me today, but thanx to this wonderful video, I now have morning tea splatter on my desk from laughing. I can’t wait to get home and listen to this…

  2. I keep meaning to mention, I’ve seen some disturbing stuff on the net (Salad Fingers, I’m looking at you), but that vid there is just…wrong. It’s like a regular movie that somehow due to some freak accident got a fourth dimension crammed into it; it shouldn’t exist but there it is! 🙂

  3. That video is about as incongruous as seeing newsfootage from western African countries… and you see some guys wearing Sean Jean sweatsuits, and ultra shiney Bostonian type oxford shoes.
    Not everything translates 100% from West to East…

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