I saw the sign

As I said in my last post, the cows in my backyard were a sign, and who the hell am I to ignore a sign?

Either God or the cows were telling me to have a barbecue.
So I fired up my brand new GhettoGrill and much meat was consumed, and all was good with the world: T-bones (from NZ, frozen), pork ribs, fresh (still wriggling) prawns, hulihuli chicken (at least as I remember it), and assorted extras, including pumpkin, which as you can see above, I cared little about.
By the way, it was one of the most pleasant evenings I’ve ever experienced here, with a cool (everyone else said “cold”) breeze.

4 thoughts on “I saw the sign

  1. The pumpkin was put there to make charcoal for the NEXT BBQ. And where did you score sucha nice grill in such short time? I am ready for a Thailand feast.

  2. If you run outta meat, jump the wall and get fresh moo cow! You can even use dried cow patties as fuel, should you run out of charcoal.
    I wish I could visit during the cool season next year, instead of practicing going to hell. For a visit, I mean.

  3. > more edible than parsley
    Except for Nam! She probably misses parsley.
    > visit during the cool season next year
    That’s a good idea. You might be surprised, though. I think it might be too cold for some people. Not that you don’t have similarly cold nights in LA sometimes, but it might catch you offguard if all you’ve brought is summer clothes.

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