Cows in my backyard update

There are more cows in my backyard!

The sound of bells means the cows have come for a visit.
I haven’t seen them since the last time I wrote about it, mostly because they usually stay on the far side of the irrigation ditch that separates our back wall from a dirt road running parallel to it, about 200 meters away. BTW, I love that old tree in the photo above as I have no idea what kind of tree it is, or even an inkling as to how old it is.
This time, there was a dog herding them around, butI couldn’t get a clear photo of it.

This one came to graze right under my balcony.
This must be a sign.

6 thoughts on “Cows in my backyard update

  1. I saw the headline and for some reason I started thinking about the song Big Lizard in My Backyard by the Dead Milkmen.
    Those cows are on the skinny side.

  2. I totally haven’t heard the Dead Milkmen forever! that’s first on my list when I get home tonight, since my vinyl finally arrived from Japan.
    Dave, I’ve vowed not to go trekking in the outback until I drop smething really important on the other side of the wall – there is a sloping roof that ends on the other side slightly lower than my balcony. When I drop accidentally drop things over the side of the balcony, or when they get blown over, they slide down the roof into the forest. A lot of the contractors were forced to go looking for dropped tools that way. So far I’ve only dropped an unimportant plastic part for my computer and maybe a couple half-empty packs of smokes, but I’m not sure about those.
    Regarding the cows – yes, they are anorexic compared to the ones back home but at least the absence of bovine growth hormone should keep my mantits from exploding. I’ve pretty much given up on local beef, though. Pork and chicken are tastier and cheaper here.

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