venemous dinner

it tastes like shrimp, yo. the pilsen was pretty good, too.

6 thoughts on “venemous dinner

  1. I think I’ll buy some Raid before visiting you in Thailand. Why do you say the scorpions taste like shrimp? Do they really, or did eating those other bugs chemically alter your neuroreceptors?
    Now I wish I hadn’t spent all that time feeding you organic home-grown baby food. I should have just caught the bugs and put them in a blender! Enjoy!!

  2. Yes, they really taste like shrimp.
    I really don’t see the problem with trying different foods, even if they aren’t what you or I are used to… I’m not really going out of my way to be gross or anything, these are actual food items on sale locally. Some of the locals eat them; I want to pick up the local customs, hence I eat them. Just like when I go back home, I might try a Starbucks coffee again. It may taste like crap, but I sure want to know why so many people flock there… This is just my study method.

  3. I think it’s admirable, really, to be curious enough to try different things.
    Bugs are, for the most part here in the West, not part of the cultural diet, so it pushes some strong “eeek” buttons inside. I think it’s a form of “plate prejudice” that stems from my own emotional “fear response.”
    Scorpion venom is still being researched for medical purposes so I wonder if eating them has any effect? I wonder if in Chinese Medicine, they’re considered a tonic for enhancing C’hi or something.

  4. all of that’s fine. How do you eat them – just grab and bite; a little shoyu or fish sauce; a touch of mayo; it’s already stir-fried with spices; deep-fried. Is it also cut-up and cooked with veggies. Shit like that. And the crickets – is it a snack, condiment…??

  5. Just grab and bite. They were deep fried with a bit of salt and I swear the body tasted just like shrimp. The rest of the shell was just crunchy.
    The crickets are eaten like fritos, a pinch at a time.

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