the buy (part 2)

(click on photo to enlarge)
Can you make out what tasty treat we came across?

Roasted crickets seasoned with lemongrass, yum!
The pregnant ones (filled with eggs) were the absolute best – the insect equivalent of shishamo.
I swear I’m turning native.

5 thoughts on “the buy (part 2)

  1. dude, that’s gross. and no, that’s not food bias or cultural conditioning, it’s just gross. you’re going to end up with some crazy parasite infection that will later be linked to eating pregnant insects.
    p.s. send me your address

  2. I totally ate those, Soph. They were not as nice as the seared foie gras and spring chicken at La Tupina, but just as authentic.
    Ev, those are onions, I think, but I agree, lychees kick ass.
    Mer, you say McNugget, I say McCricket. I’ll sen out my address and phone # later.

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