Trashdozer Kill Kill!

In some ways, living in a gated community of nice houses here in Thailand really makes me feel comfortable because it’s so similar to living back home. Then something comes along along that just blows my mind and serves to remind just how differently some things are done here. Case in point, the Trashdozer:


Kill Kill!
I have no idea why they don’t just use a garbage truck… Then again, if it was my job, I’d rather use a payloader, too.

2 thoughts on “Trashdozer Kill Kill!

  1. Dude, forget about buying a car. Come pick me up at the airport with a trashdozer! Is there actually a guy sitting in the little booth to your gated community now? If there is, is his job kind of like the “rope master” at Tenri U?

  2. Well, there’s a group of guys who sit next to the booth, probably because there’s no AC in there… When the community officially opened, they apparently checked IDs at the gate quite enthusiastically. Now, they just throw billy clubs at cars they don’t recognize. Works for me.

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