Yesterday was a paradox of bad things that would have been a lot worse if not for little blessings:

  1. A big dog came running after me – but there was a big rock on the ground next to me, and I don’t play to lose in a country that doesn’t vaccinate
  2. Our right rear tire blew out on the highway – but we were only going 60kph, and there was a tire store 200 yards up the road
  3. Nam locked us out of our house – but her sister, who lives fifteen minutes away, just happened to have a key
  4. I stepped on a dog turd – but it was the “perfect” consistency (not wet enough to stick and not dried out enough to crumble and generate the dreaded Doggy Doo Dust)
  5. The water supply for the entire neighborhood got shut off – but there was water left in our auxiliary tanks, and taking bucket baths on the lawn was refreshing

4 thoughts on “Counterbalance

  1. ANOTHER BALANCE: 1. the rubber broke, but you
    were in the wrong hole. 2. the draft beer sold
    out and green gaijins became half price. 3. a
    black cat ran past you, then was shot dead by
    the L.A.P.D. 4. the capsule you swallowed before boarding the plane burst in mid-flight,
    but it was full of ajinomoto.

  2. Alcohol + Internet = No need for plastic shoyu fish to get kicks!
    In that last scenario, you might FEEL like you’re gonna die from the MSG high.
    Oh, and by the way, I heard a rumor about people eating cats in a town close to here – full report to follow.

  3. Plastic shoyu fish? Do I want to know what this is about?
    Yoda asks if you’re going to eat cat or just be a curious cat. In Oriental Medicine, cat meat may not be a good, healthy food for your constitution. MeOW!

  4. Come on now! We all want to know about the
    plastic shoyu fish!! Even Mick Jagger’s
    interested in hearing about ’em.

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