A Vientiane Visa Run by Cameraphone

Rule number one: The Thai Delta Force is not going to save your gambling ass.

Comforting words at the Nong Khai border crossing, Thailand
The ghetto-est wheel lock ever (or maybe it’s a parking boot?):

A mobile ATM van (Thai Military Bank – doesn’t a MILITARY bank just seem safer?)
Welcome, Comrades!

“…some animals are more equal than others.”
Speaking of animals:

Fresh meat sleeping; their brothers are roasting in the background.
A restaurant (and Tandoori chef) in Vientiane we can heartily recommend:

Rashmi’s Indian Fusion, across the street from the Lao Plaza Hotel.
My favorite shot of the whole trip:

“Don’t flap your arms like a bird or God will strike you down!”

5 thoughts on “A Vientiane Visa Run by Cameraphone

  1. Fresh meat… sleeping:)
    So are you trying to tell me if I were to live in Thailand, I should name my pets things like “delicious” or “scrumptious” or “chewy?” If that’s the case, my dad’s Yorkshire terrier is named Chewbacca–and you guessed it, his nickname is indeed “Chewy.”

  2. Heh – Chewy!
    Nah, that pic was taken on the Laotian side of the border. I’ve heard that they eat dogs here in Thailand as well, but haven’t come across it yet.

  3. HI Cosmic Buddha,
    One of the last things which the Thaksin regime tried to push through was the change in visa regulations so that one has to leave Thailand every 3 months before re-entry…
    Make my day and tell me that visa runs are still possible or some info about upcoming changes in regulations.

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