Would you like some ketchup on that shit sandwich?

How about a tasty glass of water from the Yodogawa?

The Osaka municipal government’s Water Bureau plans to sell bottles of highly purified tap water from Yodogawa river in an attempt to dispel a long-held belief among residents that the city’s water does not taste good.
Even though the tap water is now purified at facilities with cutting-edge technology, there are still many locals who say the water smells and is not drinkable.
The municipal government plans to hold a competition to choose a name and design for the bottles that will present a positive image of the city while keeping an eye on sales of bottled tap water in other cities.

I know! How about “Massengill ??????”
Full story here.

1 thought on “Would you like some ketchup on that shit sandwich?

  1. Shit, I lived a few miles away from the purification plant when I was in Juso. The water wasn’t too bad if you ran in through a Brita before drinking it, but I’ve had better water from the tap, no question about it.
    I’m not so squeamish about drinking filtered water as I would be eating the clams I saw people routinely dig out of there by the bucket full.

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