The Girl from Ipanema

Almost 50 different covers of Garota de Ipanema in mp3 format.
The original, of course, was written by Ricky Martin and performed by Menudo.
I’ve always secretly hoped for a cover by Napalm Death.
(thx bree)

4 thoughts on “The Girl from Ipanema

  1. What do you mean? You’re the one doing the samba side project with t. That’s adding injury to insult dude – you could have at least had some decent lookers in your girlie band!
    On the flip side, we are the only band putting out a cover of the ajinomoto theme song that I know of.

  2. Yo! My bossa nova says with “T and the Gang” were done after that first gig!! A heavy metal rap version of ajinomoto is really what this world needs. YouTube, look out for the Buddha!

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