Quick note on contemporary cop/spy shows

I like The Wire a lot (especially the first season), but it’s somewhat overrated – I personally think The Shield is a better series.
Likewise, the British series Spooks is pretty good at times, but it’s very overrated – and to call it “better than 24,” as I’ve seen on a few boards is just a joke – fuck thee not with the JB, yo.
“Just another day in the LBC CTU”

1 thought on “Quick note on contemporary cop/spy shows

  1. Can’t hardly wait until the 24 season opener. You’ve started a serious monster, dude. Pam and I are both biting our nails waiting. On another level – I could not be happier about your move. Apprehension and volatility are what keep things from going stale. The best to you and Nam. Can’t wait until the next time we visit.

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