Worst nightmare

I have a hole in my bottom left molar, I assume from a cavity. I thought I’d wait until I go to Bangkok to get it worked on (medical care in Bangkok is excellent and cheap), but I spent a few minutes examining it in the mirror, and I basically think the tooth is being held together by a previous filling. It probably needs to be removed, or at least I’ll need a crown.
Going to the dentist in Japan is just a major pain in the ass – they make you visit multiple times for any work, sometimes even for routine cleaning. Nam had to get a couple fillings and a cleaning a couple years ago, and she ended up going every week for three or four months!
Plus, there’s the whole thing about me being a gigantic pussy about dental work.

3 thoughts on “Worst nightmare

  1. Yeah, they do implants and they are expensive, but that’s where my gigantic health care premiums finally start paying off. A bit. OK, actually only 80%. But that’s life. Or rife, anyways.

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