Speed Tribes

Holy shit! I just read a supercritical review of Speed Tribes! By a real Karl Taro hater!
Karl Taro does drugs! Karl Taro ineffectively mixes fact and fiction! Karl Taro BAD!!!
Now, I can see why some think the book is overrated (it was covered in both Wired and Time back in the day; it is apparently required reading in some Japanese courses back in the states). I can see how some might not agree with the subject matter. What I fail to see is how this can be considered a book not worth reading.
As for the authenticity of it – did people like the characters in his book really exist in Japan? – I assure you, they still do, and in great numbers. If that doesn’t matter, have a fun time living in that wonderful bubble you’ve created, even as you accuse others of doing the same.

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