Big Stuff Done

We have successfully moved to our new webhost, Dreamhost. Our old host, iPowerweb, was cheap but there was way too much downtime, we were running out of room for all the sites we host, and their customer service was horrible… Anyway, with some coupon codes I found on the web, this Dreamhost account ended up being cheaper for two years than if I had renewed for another single year at iPower! So, I’m happy. Thanks to Gen Kanai for recommending Dreamhost. Shell access totally kicks ass!
Unfortunately, I do not have time to tweak the looks of my site all at once, so changes will come gradually (starting with my blogroll, I guess). This blog may change colors every time you see it for the next few months are so, which is annoying, I know, but bear with me.

4 thoughts on “Big Stuff Done

  1. Yo dudie – wattup, wattup? Adam/Chris and I went fishing three days in a row. 2 days in saltwater and a day at Lake Lopez. Details later.

  2. Thanks, guys. Yeah, the RSS feed is new – actually, it’s an Atom feed that’s hardlinked to the sidebar but RSS should be detectable as well.

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