Upgrade to Movable Type 3.3b1

That’s right, we’re running beta software, baby! The MT upgrade took longer than it should have because of a weird FTP glitch that prevented all the necessary files from being transferred to the server; it was driving me crazy trying to figure it out, but it all worked out in the end.
I have to say, waiting this long to upgrade had its merits – it’s been like riding around in a new car for the past half hour. So many new gadgets and features I had no idea I needed until I tried them! I may have even found an alternative hack for my sidebar photos.
Anyway, we can’t get too settled here yet; the move to a new webhost is still coming. Soon. Ah, it’s nice to know I at least got this tempermental software to work once, though!

3 thoughts on “Upgrade to Movable Type 3.3b1

  1. Yeah, I tried it out too. The main thing I like is that Spam comments are a bit easier to deal with. Does this make MTBlacklist unnecessary?

  2. It’s hard to read black type on red and as I’m totally ignorant of what movable type is, good luck and hope you’re having fun!

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