Something stuck in one’s ear

One of the photos Nam took today, her last full day in Japan for the foreseeable future. We went on a drive out to Akashi to look for a dog (shiba-ken) her cousin wants us to send to Thailand (long story). I bought her a Coolpix S6 last week to take home, so she was taking her first shots with it today.
She leaves to Thailand tomorrow morning. I go to work as usual. That sucks total chinchin.

2 thoughts on “Something stuck in one’s ear

  1. Be brave, my boy. It’s great to clear the old clutter in preparation for your new life in Thailand! And I agree, Nam is amazing. Good luck, Nam, in your new position as department head (English?) at the University!
    Whassup with the dog? And how much does a well-bred Shiba cost there? Probably more than a good one here?

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