For the past month or so we’ve been cleaning up the house and finally sent 3 cubic meters of stuff to Mahasarakham via Pakmail this past Monday. Nam is taking off in a couple of days, and I’m still inspired by her seriously amazing ability to root through ten+ year old crap and throw it all away. We’ve probably thrown away over 70-80 bags of trash.
So anyway, I’m digging through all of my computer backups on floppy, CD, DVD, ZIP, EZ drive, MO, JAZ, etc., etc., and so forth.
I found some of the artwork and posters I used to do before gigs, when I was in my Photoshop phase (and believe me, it was all about version 4.0). I liked this one especially, because I remember how long it took me to freehand a Mandelbrot on a 5″ Wacom tablet:

See? I was all about Macintosh until Steve Jobs started charging for .mac accounts (previously announced “free for life”), and this was pretty much the apex of my Photoshop skills. Nowadays there’s filters to churn this shit out, but that’s pretty much the modern equivalent of “I had to walk 9 miles to school through the snow,” isn’t it?
Well, fuck, Steve Jobs made Apple dead to me and now I do my bit by punching out random iPodders on the subway, so I guess there really is a sort of cosmic balance.
Well. Back to cleaning.
I found a version I like even better.

2 thoughts on “Cleanup

  1. Will you still help me with my IBook or are you unable to even look at a Mac anymore? Remember the wise words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who encourages loving kindness, compassion and forgiveness. But maybe not when it comes to computers and broken promises.

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