Fuck the MPAA

Hell, fuck FedEx as well:
MPAA training police dogs to sniff out DVDs
Tips for sending counterfeit DVDs via FedEx:
– Sprinkle coffee grinds in the FedEx Pak/shipping box
– Rip to VCD
– Stuff them inside teddy bears
– Oh yeah, use this new thing called “da internet” instead

2 thoughts on “Fuck the MPAA

  1. I wonder if the dogs are sitting around shooting the shit some days comparing stories. One dog is like trash-talking about how many coke busts he had last month, another is yapping about all the pot he sniffed out, and the poor newbie dog mutters about the 10 counterfeit copies of Mission Impossible 3 he nabbed. Damn.

  2. Anyone interested in this story and against the MPAA please contact me at Brennertech@musician.net i am looking to set up a fundraiser for a friend who recently was arrested for allegedly selling bootlegged software and video. Perhaps the MPAA will get the message that they are outnumbered when we unite and make a stand. The story can be found all over the internet, just google Robert Uss

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