Clap your hands say WTF

Yesterday we saw the most interesting car on this island.
I applaud the concept:
– A brand spankin’ new Lexus SC 430 in jet black
– Top lowered to enjoy the fine weather at sunset
The execution caused me to laugh so hard, I almost puked:
– Driver: mid-to-late 50’s, toupe peeled back halfway off his head
– Music: Very loud, very gay J-Pop
– Custom rims: Spinners!
Observation for the day: Rich people in expensive cars really hate being laughed at by mere pedestrians.

3 thoughts on “Clap your hands say WTF

  1. I’m amused by two things – first your description of the retard driving the car, second that there are fkg spinner in east asia. wtf? Thought that was a ghettofied thing.

  2. Do not assume anything, I believe you saw the first hybrid SC 430 prototype being test driven an obscure island test run.

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