Burn Hollywood, Burn.

It just occurred to me that I can’t remember the last time I’ve been inside a movie theatre. It’s been at least a year, maybe two. Yet I’ve seen every movie that I’ve wanted to, and some of those I saw before they were released in theatres. Of course, I encourage other people to do the same as well – I really wouldn’t care if modern movies, as we know them, simply ceased to exist. They are entertaining, but about as meaningful as picking your nose.
So somehow, this is all very satisfying.
In the words of Chuck D: Hey yo, fuck Hollywood, man.

2 thoughts on “Burn Hollywood, Burn.

  1. The things I can’t stand about going to movies are:
    1. people are rude- they talk in loud voices, chat on their cellphones, and occasionally even become violent when asked to refrain from doing so.
    2. what the fuck is up with the advertisements? Other movie trailers are kinda cool, but we’re not paying 10 bucks to be bombarded by ads that belong on TV.
    3. they don’t sell beer at the theatre.
    4. they are watching you to see if you have a camera. I came to watch, not to be watched.
    5. people go to theatres for the atmosphere. If you find a place that enhances the movie going experience, you have found something special. Unfortunately, this is a rare thing nowadays. It’s too bad the drive-in went extinct. I think I’d go to the movies a lot more if they were still around.

  2. A — there are still drive-ins around. There is one about a half-hour from our place here. We’ll go do a double feature this summer. Also, am going to recommend the movie “Brick” (brickmovie.net).

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