307 is my magic number

I’m not a Numerologist or anything, hell, I hardly even believe in math. Yet, I become strangely obsessed with numbers and compulsively count things out in my head on occassion. You know, the number of steps I take from point A to point B, or the number of cars I pass on the highway. Stuff like that. Or even simpler things, like tapping my fingers on a desk and counting the beat – performing a repetetive action for the sake of counting. I think I do this when I’m bored, but I’ve been doing it for so long now, it’s become a kind of meditation as well.
Another thing I’ve noticed over the years is that certain numbers keep popping up here and there. I don’t mean meaningful numbers like 5 or 24 or 100. I mean numbers that appear much more frequently than they should. Do you know what I mean?
One number that keeps appearing in my life is 307. It was not always so, or more accurately, I do not think it was always so. You see, 307 was my room number in my college dorm. A couple of years into my residency there, I started noticing that the room number 307 was used on TV and movies quite often. Then I realized that I knew someone else who lived in an apartment #307. Over the years, I’ve entered several room 307s – visiting people or offices with that number. I’ve been assigned room 307 at hotels all over the world. And let us not forget that the Toto U307C is the seemingly most popular urinal in men’s restrooms all over Japan.
So what is it with this number? Am I the only one to have noticed the frequency of it?
Lets look at Google:
Search for 306 returns 85,700,000 results
Search for 307 returns 127,000,000 results
Search for 308 returns 76,700,000 results
Holy shit! I’m not sure that proves a thing, but it does seem uncannily popular, doesn’t it?
What is the meaning?
What is the significance?
(Also, in this case, are meaning and significance necessarily synonymous?)
Will 307 aliens from the planet 307 someday abduct me and threaten to blow up planet Earth unless I guess the number they are thinking of?
Will I one day play the lottery and win $307 million using the repeating string of 307307307307?
Will I ever live in another room 307 and find out I can see dead people?
It’s a fucking conspiracy, I tell you.

27 thoughts on “307 is my magic number

  1. I become strangely obsessed with numbers and compulsively count things out in my head on occassion.

    That’s not numerology, that’s OCD.
    X.anax may help.

  2. As long as you do not ever weigh in at 307 lbs, you’re fine. Have you used numerology to see what each number and the sum of those numbers, mean?

  3. 307 is a prime number. The 49 th prime number. hmmmm. My number of choice 48. When I describe an unknown number of anything, it is 48 – which is 2x2x2x2x3. That’s four 2’s and a 3. A stutterer counting from 2 to 3. Just what the fuck does all this mean? Not a goddamn thing.

  4. If you’re going to be flying over the south Pacific sometime soon, watch out, the plane’s gonna crash on some bizarre island with hatches and shit. Just watch.

  5. Funny I found your site because I did a search on the number 307, a number that has routinely appeared in my life. I too lived in Apt 307. My Father was pronounced dead at 3:07 AM. My first girlfriend had 307 in her license plate. As you had noted you will routinely see an apartment number in a movie with 307. I routinely wake up in the morning and see that it is 3:07AM. I always took the number as bad luck for me, because there have been a few sports betting outings that during the match I saw the number 307 and the bet went from in my favor to a losing proposition. I am not a superstitious kind of person but I once caught myself on a flight on March 7, which somehow dawned on me that it was 3/07 as we were getting ready to take off. To say that I was a bit uneasy was an understatement. But I made it safe an sound without incident. Funny that someone else has paid attention to that number as well.

    1. Thank you for reviving this post after 7 years…. finding others who notice the true power of 307 is taking a lot longer than I had hoped.

  6. I just googled the number 307 becuase it’s a number that seems to be EVERYWHERE! I grew up in a house numbered 307, and the number has been everywhere after. Classrooms, extensions, books, TVs, movies, random numbers posted or written places. Just strange!

  7. Me too, house number 307 growing up, driving by hundreds of cars and not looking at license plates and the one that I end up looking at has a 307 in it. Going hours throughout the day and not looking at the clock, and then when I randomly do, guess what time it is? Going to the store and buying something for $3.07 or (or $307 if I’m going to Costco!) receiving $3.07 in change. The number comes up repeatedly in my life, so much so that it is really bizarre! I’m sure it’s just my subconscious, whether taping into my peripheral vision, or my internal clock, or whatever, that is the main culprit as far as all of this is concerned. But nevertheless, it’s pretty damn cool! I’m sure other people have other numbers that they are cognizant of in their lives.

  8. To be honest I stumbled on your page Justin by googling 307. I’m not sure if this is some kind of hoax/spoof page but to be honest I have a problem with 307 too. Or to be more exact T307. I keep seeing 307 everywhere and this is also the number of mother’s house as well as connects me to my work place. I won’t bore you with all the details but I had a dream many years ago when I was much younger that some spirtual entity (Master) was trying to possess my body. He had a large capital T projecting out of his head gear where his face should have been. I know reading back over this it sounds crazy. But the dream I had over 35 years ago I can still remember as clear as day. That was in the house number 307. The number repeatedly appears. I don’t know if this is just one of those things and one sees whatever one wants to see or not.

  9. Has to deal with spirituality when you break down the number into their constituent parts. Your on a spiritual path and life is letting you know you are on the right track..that’s all.

  10. I see 307 everywhere!!! It’s been happening for a looooong time. Seems like it’s happening more lately. I just had a dream that I was meeting all these people I know. Then when I was leaving, I saw a terrible car wreck. I tried to call 911 and my phone wouldn’t work. Gave me a panic attack in my dream. So I woke up in the middle of a panic attack and guess what time it is. 3:07am. Also, I was born at 3:07am. I’m just totally freaked out. Reading these posts has helped out a bit. What does it all mean???? Lol

  11. This is so strange. I already thought things were weird because I kept seeing 307, but then a whole conversation is taking place about other people seeing 307. It’s come up way too many times for me as well. I explained it to my wife and she saw it for herself. My unit in the army is 307. We moved into a neighborhood and then made the decision to move and the new zip code had 307 as the last 3 numbers. Clocks, account balances, etc. Just today on the way back in town we stopped at Mickey D’s and what was the total…$4.06 🙂 But the number at the top of the receipt? Number 307.

  12. I just wanted to see if the number 307 meant anything because I am 55 and it’s the number I have had show up in my life since I was a teenager. Most often on the clock by my bed but it seems to be the time I either send or receive an important text, email or phone message

  13. I’m really glad I found this post – I thought I was alone in the whole 307 thing. I wake up at night and see 3:07, I happen to look at clocks at noon and see 3:07. The number has embedded itself permanently in permanent modes of legal documents and numbers all in pertaining to me, and even in my dreams. My receipt numbers, money exchanged, random papers… 307.
    All very frightening but fascinating. After watching the Conjuring I was convinced that 3:07 was the devil’s hour, but now I’m beginning to accept and conquer the number as my own.

    1. That’s definitely the right way to approach it! By the way, I read some posts on your site and really liked the Saudi Arabia project… Please keep writing!

  14. Amazing… was just googling over 307 primarily because I just bought a vehicle with the numbers on the plate “307”. It’s not too uncommon after all. ?

  15. I think it’s honestly a beautiful number and it makes me happy seeing it as frequently as I do. 307 is such an odd number and I see it in everything.. legit everything..

  16. 307 is a very powerful number to me but has been in my life ever since I had a unique dream with the numbers 3:07 right in front of me…I had a deep talk and prayed to god that night before and I just know he gave me that dream and those numbers. Just searching for what it really means and the spiritual meaning most importantly. Crazy many other people have seen this number.

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