5 thoughts on “Where the menudo runs in rivers

  1. Hey, I’m open to suggestions, as I probably won’t have too many interesting things to write about when I move back.
    Maybe I’ll just have to take enough photos to last me until I find a new focus…

  2. how about pictures and reviews of all the “authentic” japanese restaurants in LA & Oraange counties?

  3. I think Adam will find his point of view completely different than before his tenure in Japan. He’ll find a familiar but differently colored environment. I can’t wait to hear some of that diatribe when he gets here.

  4. My proposal: go on a quest for something extremely hard to find, be it food or a near-legendary piece of artwork, or a perhaps-mythical vinyl LP of an obscure recording by a famous musician from the 70s. Cali is a treasure trove for all sorts of esoteric stuff.
    Or just do a blog featuring photos of women’s asses.

  5. The Great Taco Hunt

    One small step for the blogosphere, one giant leap for digestion. The Great Taco Hunt should come in handy for all your Los Angeles taco scene needs (via C. Buddha). The Burrito Blog is also suggestive of digestive adventure. Take…

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